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This Blog is where I will be expressing my inner thoughts and opinions about anything and everything. The weekly schedule is as follows:

Mondays is The Updated Life where I talk about my personal life.
Tuesdays is Book Nook where I talk about my favorite books.
Wednesdays are Music Hall where I talk about my favorite music and new bands I have discovered.
Thursdays are T.V. Party where I talk about my favorite television shows and new shows I watch.
Fridays are Film Buff Fridays I talk about my favorite movies and review movies I’ve just see.
Saturdays are Beware The B-movies where I talk about B-movies, Blaxploitation, and Hong Kong movies.

I hope you’ll tune in and comment on any of these topics.


Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. LXVII (Simak, Clement, Bradley, White)

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

I just came back from more than a month in Paris where I was rather sci-fi deprived so I headed immediately (well, not literally) to the local used bookstore.  A nice collection of novels from some of the genre’s greats — Hal Clement, James White, Clifford D. Simak, and Marion Zimmer Bradley.  I’ve not read any of Bradley’s novels and I’ve heard that Darkover Landfall (1972) is probably the place to start.

And I’ve enjoyed James White’s work so far.  Clement isn’t exactly my cup of tea but it might be good to read another one of his novels before I come to a conclusion.

And some fun Paul Lehr covers…

1. Lifeboat (variant title: Inferno), James White (1972)

(John Berkey’s cover for the 1972 edition)

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